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One of several names given to atheistic Englishmen named Peter, they claim to be Australian, show low intellect, and have problems interacting socially, They are very abusive to people of faith.

GodFrosty GodFrostyAngel GodGobberAuzzieGobs GodGobberism GodGobbing GodFrostyPeter godgobber godgobberausssierosis godgobberization GodGobberist TheProfiler godgobberosis auzziegob god-gobber godbotherer
GodFrostyAngel: “Hello EnglishPeterGob, are you still involved with the GodGobberAuzzieGobs cult?”

EnglishPeterGob: “Get !@#$ed, GodFrostyAngel, all you !@#$ing GodGobbing *^%$s give me the %$*^s! And stop calling me EnglishPeter!, I’m GodFrosty, the original AuzzieGob. So go and get !@#$ed.”

GodFrostyAngel: “OK EnglishPeterGob, The Lord is patient; He is waiting to embrace you.”
by JustToEasy July 10, 2008
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