Polite with undertones of sarcasm. Dry and pragmatic approach to life. Plausible deniability. No crying at the bar unless you're a cowboy. Willing to kill to defend the honour of the football club. A way that does not work for Carlos. To kick a person while they are down.Ddestroying a culture with drugs and alcohol. Druidism and paganism. Using connections to get ahead or to get head. If you don't get caught , it isn't a crime, but if you get do get caught and executed, it is. To uphold appearances. Calling the auto club is the English Way.
Carlos, telling her the truth on the first date is not the English Way.

Calos hugging other men in public is not the English Way.

Telling your date her ugly kids are cute when she shows you their pictures is the English Way.

When you would rather fuck your peruvian friend over than spend the lousy $38 for a cab ride

-paying for a good spanking is the English Way

-Fred paid a little extra for the English Way while in Amsterdam

-Wow, Rob sure gave those Czechoslavian football fans a taste of The English Way

hey, they sure gave those indians a taste of the English Way

Dawn and her friends celebrate Yule in the English Way.

Isaac used the English Way to get into Law School.

the queen held in her gaseous excretion until she spontaneously combusted into wild flames thus demonstrating the English Way

-Abe heard the gun cocking but he was too embarrassed to turn around- that is the English Way.

-Asking your friend to "get physical" is not the English Way- it is the Peruvian Way.
by josearlos October 21, 2010
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