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The "hoodest" town in Bergen County. Half of Englewood is extremely wealthy and houses many famous figures and many people of Jewish/White ethnicities.

The other half of Englewood (3rd and 4th wards) is almost completely Black/Latino and mostly lower middle-class or lower class citizens.

The 3rd and 4th Wards of Englewood are distinguished as the "bad side" because of its reputation for crime, drugs, alcohol, and its evidently cruder living situations. Guns aren't a neccessity as it isn't THAT bad...but it aint that good either.

On a brighter note, Englewood is the hometown of rap legends "the Sugarhill Gang" who created the first hit hiphop record "Rappers Delight". Englewood is also the hometown of rappers Serius Jones and Lady Luck as well as actor John Travolta.
Englewood, NJ is the hoodest town in Bergen County!

My pops grew up in Englewood and said its the best town to grow up in if you want to see "all the different spectrums of America".

Some delinquents in the 4th ward stole $150 from my brother when he went to the corner store.

Benny's Dad went back to Englewood after 55 years and was upset to see how bad it had gotten.
by TGameHustler January 15, 2010
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Englewood NJ is the most diverse town in Bergen county, NJ. It has a beautiful and thriving downtown area with lots of places to shop and multiple eateries for all budgets. As with most of Bergen county the taxes are very high, but that does not seem to be reflected in the public school education ratings. Most of Englewood schools have terrible ratings. The de facto segregation that occurs at my town's public schools is one reason why the city is not rated higher on a list of best places to live in Bergen county. Other than that, Englewood has it all.
Englewood, NJ is definitely more dope than Tenafly.
by lumi0102 March 05, 2017
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