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Enforced Arch is a term used to inspire the dance community to ask hypothetically, “What does it mean to be in forced arch?” Traditionally known for being a popular dance position in Modern Dance Vocabulary. Now claimed by compassionate artists in the dance community! What potential does this powerful position have?

Literally we arrive on our toes, yet bent at the knees and think, “should I leave it at that or challenge why the hell I’ve arrived here?” We hear our mentors ask us to be intelligent dancers and choreographers but what does that mean? How does one become an intelligent communicator?

By using our unique talents we can bring life to ecological & social issues and create respect and compassion for all living things. Enforced Arch is a term for the intelligent dancer who seeks movements in which we can enforce how we utilize our position of being “in forced arch.”

The most common example of dancers living Enforced Arch is by embracing a vegan lifestyle.
By being Enforced Arch I will inspire future generations to adopt a compassionate lifestyle.
by Enforced Arch December 31, 2010
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