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A word describing someone who has consumed too many Energy Drinks and has demonstrated at least one of the following symptoms:

Wobbly stature, Inability to focus on one thing longer than three seconds, Blurting random phrases or groupings of words that don't make sense, play by play commentary spoken to no one in particular, complaining that everything they see is in a light shade of (insert colour here), cursing the television remote control's family, speaking at rates too fast for the human ear to decipher, having blood-shot eyes, peeing in the colour of the liquid they're drinking, start talking to people that aren't there, have hallucinations, or show signs of general hysteria.
"Dave was so Enerdrunk last night he went on a rampage about how VolksWagons are teaming up with Telitubbies to take over the world..."

"Man, I was so enerdrunk that my pee was green and everything I saw was in a light shade of blue!"
by Torphius March 07, 2009
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