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1. Protoss phrase meaning "In honor of Adun." Adun was a Templar during the Aeon of Strife, who was ordered by The Conclave to exile the Dark Templar, those who rejected the Khala. Instead, he attempted to teach the Dark Templar how to follow the Khala. Unfortunately, the Dark Templar lacked the training that the other Templar had, and psionic storms raged across Aiur as a result. Furious, The Conclave branded Adun a traitor, and attempted to kill him along with the Dark Templar. Adun sacrificed himself to save the Dark Templar. Now, the Dark and Khala Templar refer to Adun as a noble figure, hence the greeting, "En Taro Adun!" Also used as a battle cry.
"En Taro Adun, Executor! There is no time to waste! We must join our bretheren in battle!" - A Protoss Zealot
by khaan111 August 16, 2009
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a protoss phrase that means IN HONOR OF ADUN. READ THE SECOND StAR BOOK F00LS!`
En Taro Adun my fellow 'Toss bretheren!
by T3h real tassadar April 13, 2004
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A traditional 'goodbye' used by nerds worldwide to identify other nerds without alerting the 'norms'.
"So I'll catch you later, mate."

"En Taro Adun!"


"Oh nothing... my life for Aiur."
by Conflicting Ninny November 15, 2008
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