An empty feeling In someone is most likely them unhappy and them being unhappy they choose to help others to feel their happiness even if it’s false feeling.
Tuesday night: my maw maw died
Wednesday morning: I have a Empty Feeling inside
Wednesday night:

Friend: can you help me with craft work

You: (I don’t feel like it, but I do need a friend) ok
by Underrated1tyy January 29, 2021
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There's an actual word for this, but here's the slang. It's that feeling you get after you've completed a great video game and have nothing to do, or finish watching a series you loved, either TV series or on DVD. It's a feeling that makes you compile its ending, linger for more, but in all of it, you're still happy you've completed it.
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT ENDED LIKE THAT!! Oh amn, I'm gonna have TEF for days!
by albinorap January 13, 2004
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when you feel sad & feel like you lost everything.
an emotion that isn't a great feeling. it's the opposite of happy and "life is good"
I'm feeling empty because my social life sucks.
by anonymou83 January 4, 2011
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Feeling alone and depressed with no feelings but agony and never being happy, just blank
“I steal the look when you’re not with me I wrote the book on feeling empty”- Lil Peep ft. Horse head GIRLS
by DaAt WaAy September 14, 2018
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