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Emotionblindness or emotionblind is the inability to feel some or all emotions in the emotional spectrum. Pretty much the twin brother of colorblindness. Colorblind glasses help those with colorblindness to see the colors they can't. For those afflicted with emotionblindness things such as music, sounds, art, nature etc, may act like colorblind glasses. Allowing people with emotionblindness to feel emotions they do not normally feel.
He is emotionblind, so he is unable to empathize with your sorrow.

When it comes to feeling sorry for his actions or being able to see how he hurt you, he is emotionblind.

She has a temporary case of emotionblindness due to an imbalance in her system caused by giving birth. Her ability to feel happiness again will return. The best prescription is exposure to the arts or nature or other non pharmaceutical methods.
by kbusch 2018 January 09, 2018
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