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In reference to someone who moved to Long Beach and goes to a private school. It is used often when describing an "emo" boy who you might hate, and contact every other month or so. An "Emo-Adam" usually doesn't like to be held down, commit to much, or express their INNER feelings.

Interests: They like to shop at Hot Topic, write weird stuff on papers, ride on motorcycles, and fix their hair. They only like emotional girls, usually skinny and of white origin.

What to do in case of Emo-Adam: Try to act calm, start to talking to him, but don't call him Emo for short or a nickname. Emo boys don't respond very well to that. Tell him you like his hair today, if he smiles at you he probably means something like this: "Stop talking to me, your annoying". In this case stop talking immediately, they might go Emo-Adam on you. Otherwise do not ask him any personal questions! They doesn't like that, they like to talk about you.

"Emo-Adam's" are very fun to be with as long as they don't feel great about how their hair or clothes look. They are rare, they are one of the last "emo's" They are not so hardcore you scared of them, but not to soft so you think they're just girls. -Someone who knows an "Emo-Adam
An Emo-Adam (we will call him Adam) and I are at the beach. This example will show you how to talk to him and get a date without emo attitude that they are famous for. It is easier than you think if you like things he likes.

"Hi Adam"
"I like your hair"
"Thanks, i like your shirt"
"Yeah i bought it at Hot Topic
"Nice, mine too"
"You wanna go their together?"
"Sure, im going Saturday"
"Wanna grab something to eat?"
"Sounds fun!"
by Stephanie Anderson April 12, 2008
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