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Soccer, or Football as most of the world calls it, is the most popular sport in the world.

When played by Emo's it then becomes a entirely different thing, called Emo Soccer.
Emo Soccer is basically the same as Soccer, except played by people who are dark and into all the Emo shit and such. Which greatly affects how the game is performed.

Such as when, a Emo starts running and gets their hair messed up...they will stop immediately, and begin to set their hair back into place.

Or when a Emo falls down, they will stay down.

Aswell as when a goal is scored on their side of the field, they will usally just laugh off the pain.

So, Emo Soccer is something else...something that is hard to explain really...yup

Emo Soccer is also a popular computer game aswell!
Cali: That guy over their looks extremely Emo...What's even weirder is the fact that he is on the school's soccer team!

Jessica: He plays Emo Soccer.

by Emo Soccer Player :P July 27, 2009
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