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A girl that has a lot of experience with emo culture and that is bordering on being emoth.She cares for and protects her followers,emo boys and emo girlsfrom the total exposure of her kind. emo goddesses are mysterious and they tend to want only the totally emo to know her deep, dark secrets.
*girl* - hey cheer up emo boy
*emo boy* - 'cries'
*emo goddess* - leave him bitch
*emo goddess* - come and cut with us emo boy
*emo boy* - 'cries' okay
*other emo boy* - come on emo boy 'cries'(puts arm around emo boy)
*emo boy* - 'cries'(kisses other emo boy)
*girl* - you two are gay
*emo goddess* - fuck off
by EmoGoddess November 16, 2006
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