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An Eskimo that clubs seals to release the inner teenage angst that builds up inside of them while they listen to my chemical whatever.

The modern Emo Eskimo blogs to myspace as a means of venting, but in the end it makes the situation worse because the gloves worn at the time of blogging in the Igloo of Self Hate, make typos Periodicly.
How has that Igloo not melted yet, it is halfway through august?!!

The black cold heart of the Emo Eskimo inside must be keeping it frozen.
by ArbitraryElf May 17, 2009
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when the hood of an emo asian (preferably korean, who is dating a white scooterer) is lifted up above their head.
esther cho put up her jacket hood and i was like what an emo eskimo...
by J-sTeezy November 03, 2007
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