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Female teenagers, usually age between 11 to 18 who think they are cooler than other female teenagers because instead of listening to Jonas Bros or Miley Cyrus, they listen to "bands" like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy. Can be easily spotted because their style consists of thick black eyeliner,and they'll wear nothing but their favorite band merch from head to toe. The most common places to find them are on the first 50 rows of My Chemical Romance gigs or at your nearest Hot Topic. Will usually snapped when you called their favorite bands emo or pop rock because to them that is what real rock music sounds like.
Old Person: Teenie boppers nowadays sure look different. Back in my days, they were wearing flirty skirts screaming for Elvis but now they all look the same with their thick eyeliner and stuff.

Me: Yeah, they're called 'emo teenie bopper'.
by NoRules August 20, 2009
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