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The Emo Stick, its use commonly refers to beating Emo/Scene kids frequently on myspace, or randomly beating Emo/Scene in real life.

The Emo Stick can be anything, a piece of paper, a large stick, a sword, anything that can slaughter an Emo/Scene kid, and steal their soul in the process.

In a commonly used Myspace joke amoung the people who use the Myspace for the reason it was made (Contacting people you know, keeping in touch with friends, ect.) The joke being: "The Emo Stick, once used, steals the soul of the Emo/Scene human you beat with it, making the stick stronger, once the stick has absorbed more then two hundred souls, the stick must be burned, or the souls will be freed."

Or something to that effect.
Random person: "God damn, that kid is Emo, look at him crying and cutting his wrists in the corner over there."

Me: "PFFT, screw that, kill the emos, grab the Emo Stick and lets go beat him."
by Makocreation August 08, 2006
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