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Emmelly is a nice friend and she has the most lovable heart anyone can ask for , you can easily hurt her because she is very sensitive. Some like to say that Emmelly’s are considered to be sluts but at the same time they are a very honest person. Emmelly is not a smart person but is very good at giving advice , when she feels like it. She can sometimes be smart but she knows how to deal with parties!
Emmelly rocks

Emmelly is very nice

That girl emmelly is so adorable
by Jennnn77 July 12, 2018
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Emmelly is a very good friend she is loving caring goofy and much more if their was one person you need to talk to about anything it's here she is protective and gets jealous but she always never fails to put a smile on your face she is a great person and if you have an emmelly your a very lucky person
by Janelle the one June 28, 2017
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