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A person showing gayness towards the community (Online or real life) or the society or showing their annoyingness to people. Usually known for having a bad reputation for their behaviors (Most of the time something gay) and/or annoyingness. These kinds of people usually do not have any friends but trys to make one by throwing themselves on other people's conversations or talks randomly to you. Most of the time, they are either ignored or told (In a bad way) to leave immediately.
Mayhem1230: Man, look at that guy inside the safe zone, he's so emmanuelistic.

Calabunta: I know huh, just look at him, he's hustling everyone who's AFK.

Mayhem1230: I sure hope that I won't be AFK around that guy or he'll surely post an SS hustling people.
by StealthBlackHand April 09, 2009
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