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Emma-Louise is one of those girls you'll be thankful you met. At first, she may come across as shy but you'll soon find out she's anything but. She's known to be extremely kind and considerate of others. Don’t let her kindness trick you - she's so nice it seems fake. She gives good advice and is always down for a deep conversation. In relationships, she can be a bit clingy, but it shows she cares. As a creative, she can be extremely talented at dancing, music and the arts. If you know an Emma-Louise, keep her around.
Person: "You're dating an Emma-Louise? I'm Jealous..."

Person: "Why is Emma-Louise so cute?"
by MarkWritesStuff January 18, 2019
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Emma Louise:

A girl with curly hair who tends to get really confused about everything. She may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but she tends to woo people with her confusing words. She loves her boyfriend, and cares about him more than anyone or anything. People think they're adorable together, but they're PERFECT.
Person: Ohmygod I wish I had an Emma Louise as a girlfriend.
by rawrza December 18, 2011
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Emma-Louise is a fucking bitch who you cant trust. At first you think shes a genuinely nice and caring person but later on she turns into a demon. Emma will not take your insecurities seriously and use them against you, Emma has a lot of friends but pushes them away because of her bitchy ways, Emma is the jealous and manipulative type friend who will do anything to get involved in situations where she is not needed.
person A: I made a friend named Emma-Louise she seems really nice

Person B: Yeah drop her shes a bitch
by skibbidy Bob 123 October 12, 2019
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