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A beautiful women, commonly found with blue/green eyes and blonde hair. Funny, sexy and all the guys want her. She is an angel. Big ass and boobs in her future. She is caring for everyone and will never leave you astray. Very insecure but little does she know how many adore her. She has a great future ahead. She doesnt want to grow up but is very strong and wont just take crap from anybody. So I hope you dont get on her bad side because no matter how skinny she will whoop your ass.(:
Man, my bestfriend is a Emilynn
by DamnStraight March 01, 2012
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often described as a bitch a ho or even a horny slut! bitch.... a fucker and someone/something that just doesnt stop trying to be hard.
sarah: omg!
jacky: wht?!
sarah: that jessica is such a bitch.
jacky: i kno she should stop being an emilynn!
by were123 August 23, 2008
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