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Emily Ray is as close to perfect a human can be. The ability for Emily to supply happiness to the people closest in her life, and even if you just walk past her you only get good happy vibes. She is extremely creative and has a beautiful personality that is impossible to not fall in love with. You can spend everyday together and it still doesn't feel like enough. There's not a moment when you don't want to be with her and she is always the first person to come to your mind when something great happens in your life because you know she will appreciate it as much as you. She's so goofy and is able to always keep you laughing till your stomach hurts. This girl is so special and deserves more than anyone in this world could give her. She will make you feel like no one else has before. She is unbelievably pretty on the outside but even more stunning on the inside. She will be your everything and you will love every second you have to spend with her.
I love Emily Ray
by KraatzDaddy January 12, 2020
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