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Emily Driscoll is the most amazing person you will ever meet. She is a bit wild and crazy, but she is definitely worth your time. She is honest and highly outgoing, and her heart seems to have a mind of its own. Men always go for her, but they can't woo her over if she doesn't want them to. She is smart, however, she isn't always wise. She loves music and theater, and she is GORGEOUS and she knows it. She has a perfect figure and amazing hazel eyes with so many colors in them, you can't name them all. It's impossible not to love Emily Driscoll.

"Who is that GORGEOUS girl over there playing the violin? I think I'm falling for her!"
"Oh, her? That's Emily Driscoll. And I've already fallen for her."
Emily Driscoll Gorgeous Loveable
by lillyjean January 03, 2014
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