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Emil is usually an extremely rad guy with really nice cheek bones. He only likes 'good looking' people, and anyone would die to be seen with him. He thinks hes the best, but i gotta tell yah...he is. Although he can be mean he always means the best. He comes off as a tough guy with no attached emotions, but i read his astrology sign and it says hes a softy and a rmoantic, and all he wants to do is cuddle. Emil has to litteraly beat the girls off with a stick.... cause they all just love him....
he says hes an optimist and a non smoker. but he does enjoy the casual blow, and a hair pull.
Emil is an all round great guy and i'll miss him so much when he moves to England:(
girl 1 -omg theres Emil Edmar
girl 2 -omg is my makeup okay!?!

"Talk to the elbow emil, cause my hands on italy."
"Emil....Whats your PR-OBB-LEMM?
...pull my hair.
by JessWol March 02, 2007
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