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Emelly is an amazing person. She can joke a lot but also can be very serious. You can relate to her in so many ways. An Emelly is extremely unique. (As you can tell by the way her name is spelled.) She can be clumsy but can make you laugh. She is energetic and very humorous. She will always be there for you and is the best friend you can ever as for.

She does fall for someone until she has gotten to know them. She is usually tall and very beautiful and has long curly, brownish black hair, and big brown eyes. An Emelly deserves someone amazing in her life. If she has fallen for you, you are immensely lucky. She is capable of causing you pain but also capable of giving you great happiness. Do not take her for granted because she is one of a kind.
Person 1- who's that? She seems so lively!

Person 2- that's Emelly, my best friend.
by Singingxmelody March 24, 2012
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