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A wonderful creature that can bring you to the brink of insanity, then resuscitate you if she feels like it.*

A breath of freshly filtered oxygen through the smoothest smoking device.*

One who has a mysterious power that causes men have slight signs of rigor mortis with their manly extensions.*

Beautiful, gorgeous, appealing, etc.*

The embodiment of anything better than awesome.*


*Bare in mind the only word that can ever come close to the elusive meaning of Emahlea is Emahlea. So the things mentioned earlier aren't exact, just merely a near accurate estimation.

...One thing's for sure though, she's basically one of the best people to say "good night" to.
"Emahlea Wilcher is very Emahlea."

innocent male bystander 1: "That Emahlea made me pass out, because she caused a heavy rush of blood towards my reproductive organ."

innocent male bystander 2: "Call 911! I know for a fact, that there has to be some kind of law about Emahlea being so hot."
by James Tam March 29, 2008
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