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When Elmer's Bitches travel to bitch to him their problems, but of course he gives no fuck, about it. Elmer's bitches are high class, and do not accept anything below Elmer's Range of amazingness. Elmer's bitches plus one are at least 5 high class awesome bitches, plus one average chick/bitch in to which Elmer entrusts his belongings and entrusts her with other bitches problems. Elmer is the pimp daddy of all pimps! Elmer's bitches must pay a fee to bitch to him, or be bitches by him. If you wish to be Elmer's bitch you must take a class on bitching. All bitches now may rise! Elmer's bitches are 10's
Yo!, Dawg you see Elmer's bitches anywhere. Tis the time for their annual bitch-fest

Yo Elmer dem bitches be 10's and all over you, show me your secret!

Elmer's bitch please!
by WordCover December 27, 2011
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