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The most basic white girl you'll ever meet. Ellysha compensates her basic tendencies with her name because it's the most uncommon thing you will come across.
Starbucks barista: pumpkin spiced latte for ellysha
Random customer: Wow, what a basic white girl
by Saragthehag October 31, 2017
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A being of extreme sexual tendencies, she will hunt down and hoe every living thing on this planet before she perishes from the hoe grounds. She fights to sit on the throne of hoes and look down upon the scummy prozzies who want to be like her.
Boy 1: Ayyy I got some mad uck from a girl at a party last night, dunno who she was though.

Boy 2: Her name must be Ellysha bro.
by Chickennuggetbuttpluf November 01, 2017
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