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Ellenton is a dope town on the northern side of Manatee River. It's hot spots are all lined up in a strip by US-301, featuring a outlet mall, ice rink, with good affordable restaurants lined up all throughout. You'll find some really hot girls here and a lot of guys that really know how to play the game. Despite being in Florida, Ellenton is a hockey town. Basically everyone in the town either plays or loves to watch hockey. The people here are pretty chill and everyone knows each other. It's next to Bradenton, Palmetto, and Sarasota, so you got all sorts of people hangin here. Crime here's on the rise but it don't scare nobody cuz we just out here havin a good time. Girls there ain't scared to take things to the next level real fast, which means it's home to a bunch of fuckboys and players. Everybody be making plans on the fly and it all works out all good. You need to smoke a lil somethin? No problem you'll know tons of plugs that can get you what you need on the spot. Close to homes of rich millionares, you have no problem overpricing for shit and you can make bank off the drug life, but be careful cuz cops here be bustin people all around. Overall it's a pretty dope place to hang and the city will never die.
Guy 1: Bro let's head on over to the rink and pull!
Guy 2: Why tf, we can do that here.
Guy 1: Cuz it's in Ellenton, we'll get a lot farther and plus if it don't work out we'll find a kick ass party.
Guy 2: Aight
by Hockeybro7 May 20, 2018
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