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Elleigha is a beautiful girl. Absolutely stunning. Her personality is the best, meaning she will make many friends easily. When you first meet Elleigha, she can be a bitch. But get past that and you have a solid Friendship. Elleighs tend to be stubborn, so press them on a point that needs to get across. Beware those who are easily offended: Elleighas are truth tellers. They will be straight honest with you. If you want to charm an Elleigha, compliments, flowers, and food are the key to her heart. Elleighas are very picky so make sure you know what she wants before assuming. Friendship with Elleighas can last lifetimes.
Damn she is such an Elleigha! I admire her.
by Chocolate French-fries December 22, 2016
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