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n. a parasite native to the suburbs of Houston, TX., specifically to the region of Ella Blvd between FM 1960 and Interstate 45. These organisms survive by feeding from the food sources of larger organisms, such as tax payers.

Reproduction of Ellanites is achieved sexually, though often after reproduction it is common for the male Ellanite to seek another mate. Reproduction affords the female Ellanite the opportunity to better feed from tax payer organisms.

Ellanites are often seen traveling in loud groups. They can easily be identified by a metallic, often gold, exoskeletal structure (referred to as bling). They may also be drinking malt liquor or smoking marijuana.

The Ellanite population was once thought to be controlled, however an environmental catastrophe in 2005 caused various parasitic organisms from other regions to migrate to the Ella Boulevard region. The resulting hybrid parasite was much more volatile and it's effect on the surrounding organisms is still being evaluated.

Ellanite contact should be avoided at all cost.

The Ellanite tried to buy a lap dance with his FEMA Debit Card.
by Captain Willie March 15, 2007
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