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Slang term used by sneeze fetishists to describe a male's erect penis and eventual climax. Often used as a fantasy scenario in sexual foreplay in which the male, during sexual intercourse, has to satisfy an itchy "trunk" and needs to blow into a "tissue" (the female vagina).

The name comes from the distinction that the male's genitalia resembles that of an elephant trunk rising upwards (the erection) and the orgasm resembles that of a sneeze. From the sensation building up from start to finish, similar to how one feels when they are about to sneeze.
"My wife is so gorgeous, she makes my elephant sneeze. I just want to blow into her tissue so hard."
by Dulcy the Dragon April 11, 2019
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by FooBarBiz October 12, 2017
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The act of corking ones pork sword right before you cum causing it to build up and sneeze all the hot man milk in one giant triumphant explosion.
I covered her face with a hot steamy elephant sneeze.
by Filthy Pele February 01, 2009
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