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A technique used by creative exhibitions to show off their penis and testicles. The technique involves squeezing your balls and member through your legs, then bending over and revealing the product from behind. It gets it's name from the product forming a trunk and wrinkly brains. It's kind of like the mangina, but from behind.
Bob: "Hey Gary, come in here, I gotta show you something."

Gary: "What the hell do you want... Ahhh, not the Elephant Brains again, you sick bastard!"

Bob: "Don't act like you've never seen my shit before."
by Chris Mortimer June 18, 2008
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Grabbing the base of your nut sac with one hand and squeezing to trap the blood in your scrotum. This produces a nice purplish red hue and gives the effect of a throbbing organ. It is advisable to pet your creation with your other hand to portray that one is taking care of his junk. Also a fun party gag to share with the ladies.
"OH SNAP!!," he exclaimed as Dandoo whipped out his elephant brain without hesitation for all to admire and see!
by Swoop Deville May 31, 2006
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