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A combination of the Oediups and Electra complexes.

In the Oedipus complex, a man has sexual feelings for his mother, and the desire to dominate or kill his father.

In the Electra complex, a woman feels castrated by her mother, and resents her, and has sexual feelings for her father.

In the Electrapus complex, the woman has sexual feelings for her mother, and a dislike of her father.

These complexes are not to be taken literally. Not all men with an Oedipus complex actually have sexual feelings for their mother- most just end feeling desire for a woman that greatly resembles their mother, either in appearance, in personality, or both. Likewise with the Electra complex, and the Electrapus complex.
Girl 1: Man, our new prof is so hot.

Girl 2: But she's so much older than you!
Girl 1: So? I find older women attractive.

Girl 2: You've totally got an Electrapus complex, chickie.
by Iz Van H February 16, 2011
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