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A school full of "mature" kids who make jokes that belong in either 6th grade or to dads: an example is, "What does Miley Cirus eat on Thanksgiving?," you're going to laugh at this one, "Twerkey!!!!" Now ain't that funny. . . . At Eldorado, you got your small group of rich white kids, then just a bunch of other ethnicites thrown in there randomly. Not too many Asians, not too many Mexicans, but a shit ton of furries and weaboos (I mean a SHIT ton). Now, you might think there are a ton of drugs and drug use there, well there is but not what you'd think. Most of the drug use is by the white kids who think they're being cool by smoking a blunt and doing something retarded. All the dances there are super overpriced to account for the DJ's and the rediculous amount of decorations that don't make sense. Did I say dance, I meant RAVE. The dances are just a ton of laser lights and hardcore EDM.
Did you see that super fucking white weaboo who was peeing in the parking lot?

Yeah he must be an Eldorado High School kid.

Dude the Eldo dance is gonna be lit!
Dance, I think you mean rave dumbass.
by ImAWhiteBoi January 12, 2017
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Clearly everyone in El Dorado High school is automatically construed as an idiot. There are no idiots in other schools, just at El Dorado. Oh wait, that's inherent bullshit and it appears someone was talking out of their ass. There are idiots at every school (Yes, there are even idiots at Esperanza, you biased shit-cock), so stop bitching about El Dorado being a school that harbors morons. Shit, why do I even care about this drivel?
People around the world blame their problems on El Dorado High School because they're ignorant assholes that can't take responsibility for their stupidity.
by NostalgiaDrag April 26, 2005
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The home of fagadocious bastards; golden hawks = soiled locks. The place where stupidity reins supreme. Think you're more of a moron that Arnold Schwarzenegger? I'm sure you'll find someone even more of a moron than you at El Dorado. Won't even have to look that hard. If you want your brain cells involuntarily depleted, El Dorado High School is the place to be!
I cried for El Dorado High School.
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the best school. not because of any awards or special academic programs for students. we don't have the newest or biggest buildings, the most highly trained faculty or anything like that. it's a great school because it's filled with people who care about each other, great teachers, traditions, and just an overall amazing atmosphere. i wouldn't want to go to any other school.
I love el dorado high school.
by Mt Dew September 08, 2008
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Eldo has a cat as a mascot because they are pussies. Also most of their students there are tweakers....YIKES
Eldorado Highschool ain't nothing but tweakers. Every kid that goes there is fucked.
by BabyJisGreat December 08, 2017
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