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The mule that carries The Monkey to the top of the Pyrenees or Dolomites when he goes on holiday. To make this more easy on El Buerro, the monkey often transforms into a titanium sandwich or somesuch.
Hey look, its El buerro! What's that on his back?
by Anonymous June 27, 2003
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El Buerro is used as an insult towards someone who displays dull, stupid tendencies and constantly lies about supposid bets he has placed. It can also be used for a person who is very poor at a particular computer game and despite this feels the need to give criticise other superior players. In extreme circumstances they can be referred to as El Buerro De Cassa or The House Donkey.
Pete and Henri are playing a soccer computer game. Henri is 3-0 up and brings on a player.
Pete "i wouldnt have brought him on!"
Henri "Why?"
Pete "he never does anything for me"
Pete, craig, flipflop and ian are sitting in the lounge watchin football. A player who was 100000-1 to score 1st scores.
Flipflop "Did you have any money on him Pete?"
Pete "errrrrr ummmmmmmm I........... yeah.."
Ian "How much?"
Pete "A couple of Quid"
Craig "You truely are earn the name El Buerro Pete!"
by flipflop April 25, 2006
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