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Often used in song or chants - it refers to men with the name Michael who have surpassed any reference point for amazingness and overall greatness. When a person is referred to as 'El Miguel' it is usually because of their high success rate in closing any female within a two block radius of the bar or club he is present at. Never aggressive and hardly passive, El Miguel usually swoons its prey by gauging their personality and morphing their own to match the ideal mate of said female. She is overwhelmed by their chemistry and El Miguel often wins over her friends within minutes - with the ability to effortlessly swap from target female to her friend without causing a stir.

Usually of Latin American descent, El Miguel are impulsive and often irrational but never encounter scenarios where they don't end up on top (literally and figuratively).
"Ellllll Miguel!"

"She really had no chance.. I mean.. it was El Miguel. Maybe I should have opened with that for clarification purposes."
by Marjorie Silva June 18, 2013
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