The position of great military and economic power on a multitude of online gaming servers (specifically battle royal games like Tetris and Minecraft (but is offensive slang ifused in fortnite)). To be called Eko is a form if utmost respect and shall not be done in vain.
Oh god run its Eko.
by EkoElk August 4, 2020
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Eko is a peder
Oh look its eko.
by Eko is peder October 29, 2018
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One who is retarded; to be mentally and/or physically retarded.
After a freak birth defect, my brother became eko.
by Andrew Brandau February 6, 2007
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a person who is very kind and very beautiful. although they may not see how gorgeous ey truly are, ey always look good in everything, every video, every picture, every outfit, you name it. ey are the most important person in a lot of peoples life even though ey don’t realize it. we <3 eko.
a perfect, kind, and amazing human being

“wow eko looks great today! ey are always so kind to everyone”
by sussybakas July 14, 2021
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he is <b>ekos</b>
by </null> December 14, 2003
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slang for "ecological".
eco ecological ecology eko
by cigloverr July 5, 2009
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LaRgO Pofolofski's alter ego.
by HalfMerci September 27, 2003
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