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Someone who is called Ejatu has may secrets loves arguments most of the time she always wants to be the leader she is interested in reality shows and series. She is a very enjoyable person to be around she is a fashionista and has very good style and taste in clothes. She is not afraid to say anything that comes to her mind she will say it out loud and make it clear because it’s her opinion. She is lovely and joyful every day she can’t go 10 minutes without laughing even if she is in a bad mood. So will try her hardest to make someon happy if they are not in a good mood a person called Ejatu is a onderful person to be around.
Ejatu is lovely
by Ebony baxteer June 09, 2018
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Sweet girl has many secrets tells most loves arguing but being independent and always a fashionista
A sweet girl can be called an ejatu
by Ramiatu bah November 10, 2017
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