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A sexual act involving a person of the male sex's member, the mouth of a woman (typically), and one or more chicken eggs. To begin with, the man cracks the egg(s) into the woman's opened mouth. Then, he grabs his memeber with his hand, places it in the egg goop in the woman's mouth, and begins to violently flail his pecker about, beating the eggs into a fine mixture. The man may then (but does not have to) ejaculate into the woman's mouth. After that, the woman then must swallow the beaten egg(s), whether they contains semen or not.
"Hey bro! Do you watch Iron Chef with Emmerald?"
"Sometimes, but after about 10 minutes I usually get bored and end up giving my girlfriend Alex an Egyptian Eggbeater."
by Ed Denes April 03, 2008
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