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A failure and SJW with a huge ego and tendency to flaunt it unto an undeserving soul.

A guy is 177 cm tall (average American height, aka not even close to being short), and while there may be others in a group who are <170 cm, the undeserving guy gets roasted by the egosarminist for his "average height stature" by being called short and "zeta-meter small".

Where one passes an exam, the egosarminist fails. He goes to the professor, gets laughed at, and denied a second chance. Still, the egosarminist unscrupulously succs them but is expelled. He then uses financial bait for a final chance.

During this chance, instead of shutting his mouth, he attacks a poor soul about their physical features and intelligence to draw attention away from his own failure. He fails again and his ass is officially expelled.
A conversation with an egosarminist would go something like this....

White Boi: "I passed everything."
Anorexic Stick: "Me too. It's gonna be a great summer!"
Egosarminist: "Me too! It's a great day, now let's kick reverse-m out to make it better."

Undeserving Guy: This is an egosarminist right here.
by realaleraza_97 September 07, 2017
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