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Eggs Danny Thomas with Ham is a variation to the traditional Eggs Danny Thomas and the eggs danny thomas style sex act whereby a female defecates on a glass table while the male watches from underneath. When Eggs Danny Thomas is "with Ham", the female sits her bare ass directly on the glass table as opposed to the traditional squat. When seated on the glass, she creates a traditional pressed ham, hence "with Ham". After being seated and creating pressed ham, she then proceeds to defecate serving up the Eggs Danny Thomas with Ham. The turd will work its way out and become immediately pressed against the glass and may flatten. However, it will then work its way, depending upon her grunt force, either past the female's taint or out along her ass crack. This act is is also watched and viewed by the male under the table.
Carl: Ohhhh baby get up on that table and serve me up some Eggs Danny Thomas.
Hooker: Baby for another $25 I will give you some Eggs Danny Thomas with Ham.
Carl: Let me get under that glass!
by Tugg N. Harder March 07, 2014
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