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When you purchase an article or service and they quote you a price only to find out that there are other "Egg Managment Fee's" that are hiden or not quoted. This new phrase is taken from the Ally Bank commerical that takes eggs from the little kid without him knowing or agreeing to it. In the commercial he takes a portion of the kids eggs calling it an egg managment fee. Basicly taking something without having it acknowledged in the beginning.
You call and make a reservation at a hotel and they quote you a price of $140. You assume that the only thing left out is the tax so in your head you calculate that it is $140 plus 13% (HST) or $158.20. When you check out the hotel statment has Evironment Tax of $7.25 and a Tourist Tax of $4.25. I refer these to additional expenses as "Egg Management Fee" as these are hiden and never told to us as part of the initial room charge until we check out.
by Cribmaster September 05, 2010
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