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A beard worn by a hipster that is NOT an Ironic beard (i.e. very long or very bushy).

A beard, typically in the 3/4" to 2" long range, that is not an ironic beard, but is worn by a man that is neither "outdoorsy" nor particularly a "manly" man.

A beard worn to disguise the overly sensitive nature of the wearer, typically in his early 20's, when in the presence of traditionally masculine men.

A beard worn by a homosexual in an attempt to appear heterosexual due to a working situation that puts him in close proximity to other men in an overwhelming hetereosexual environment.
Samuel was really upset that his friends had better long beards and handlebar mustaches than he did. As a minor protest, he decided to trim his at 2 inches, thereby remaining both impractical for his fast food service job and just slightly hipster cool at the same time. This was the birth of the effeminate beard.

Brad was crying in the men's locker room last week and some guys made fun of him. Now he is growing an effeminate beard and hoping they won't notice him so much.
by Activista December 04, 2013
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