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At the end of the day, a.k.a. E.O.T.D.: a shorthand for the anacronym. Well, fuck, you protest and say that the expression "end of the day" is already shorthand. You're right; "end of the day" is the favorite of cocky businessmen and women who think that they have schlongs in between their legs, both who use it to say, basically, "Look, fuckhead, I really don't want to take the time to have a conversation about goals or the means towards acheiving them. I just want to know that at the end of the day (literally, today), will you have done something for my lazy, piece of shit, ass? If not, then, in line with my intention behind using this expression, you just shut the fuck up and look like an idiot, because people are stupid enough to believe that, if I use this expression to prove that you won't have anything for me by the end of today, then whatever you say is to be deemed unrealiable and I am to come off as king superior, continuing to use this expression and granting me more power." Yes, it's a neat trick; people really dig it! So, what we did to this shorthand is make it even more shorthand by putting it into its anacronym, E.O.T.D., form. And if you thought we couldn't get even lazier and more useless, then think again! Because we made it even more shorthand by just turning it into a sound that resembles sounds used in the "Old McDonald had a farm" song. That's the level of elementary shorthandness we were trying to acheive here.
When RJB, hungover off of 10 yager bombs, gave an 8 a.m. world-stein-class Goldman Sachs presentation to the munger executives from mungerish Mungerland, he finished it off after only 2 minutes of talking, saying, "So, Eeyotodd, pay us to do this deal for you, and we'll make sure you can eat bowls of rice 3 times the size of those you have now. Even if I did want to explain to you what 'Eeyotodd' means, just in case you didn't know, I wouldn't, because, eeyotodd, I'm a god-damn investment banker."
by thaMONZsta March 15, 2006
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