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A disease of unknown origin, most pathologists believe that it originated from the chromosomes that determine height and facial features. Its symptoms are shortened height of both body and penis, extremely feminine features and blotchy dark spots on legs. The experts have yet to discover a cure.

In modern day usage, it is referred to someone who is either a midget, cross-dresser, or transvestite.
*A midget is seen in the corner deli.*

Dude 1: "Dude, he's mad short."
Dude 2: "Word, I bet he has the Eelleinad."

*A prostitute is trying to get paid.*

Prostitute: "Cmon, I'll show you a good time."
Dude: "Hell nah bitch, you look like you got the Eelleinad."
by kimmmmmmmmmm January 11, 2011
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