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Eedro is the name of a side character in several Greek plays Author Unknown written about 3,000 years ago.

The character is extremly inteligent and has a great amount of foresight. He seems to have the ability to see other peoples falsehoods and true motives for doing things. He is extreamly blunt and honest with everyone around him. Because of this he has trouble relating to people and more often than not his ideas and comments, while correct and are an answer to everyones problems, are dismissed as he is considered weird and generally disliked. He also sees "The Bigger Picture" where others are concerned about trivial matters but again, because he is considered weird and disliked, he is dismissed and the other characters suffer for not listening to him.
Taveren character 1 I hope we have good crops this year.

Taveren character 2 My livestock could use more food.
Eedro I am worried the dam will break.
Taveren character 1&2 Be quiet Eedro we do not wish to listen to you or your thoughts.

*At the end of the play both the Taveren characters bodies wash past Eedro because the dam broke and they drowned.*
by Union258 May 13, 2010
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