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A town outside of St. Louis, Missouri with about 30,000 people. Known for it's athletic success, and also for the douche bags and sluts. While not every one is like this, any and every stereotype you have heard lives here. It is a rarity to find a guy that is not a complete ass hole. Girls on the other hand are slightly more normal, but the vast majority have been known to sleep around a few too many times. The town is nicely built and quaint but stay away from the bike trails during football games where you will encounter a wide range of pot heads. It is rumored to have a high population of heroin users. Although the town is rich, not everyone is a snob.
"Hey that guys smoking a bowl."

"Must be from Edwardsville, Illinois."

"You stupid slut."
"Just because I've slept with 23 guys doesn't make me a slut."
by Saul and Dale January 31, 2010
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