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A great guy , who has an amazing heart. He has those eyes that make your knees go weak and your heart flutter. Any girl can thank there lucky stars to have an him. He can be quite nerdy at times but that is what makes him cute , everyone needs an Eduan in there life.
Oh the moon is so bright tonight it must be becauss of the light refelcting of Eduan's eyes.
by REASDFF October 22, 2017
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Eduan is a short triplet. He has dark curly hair and a lil stache. Doesn’t know what a Bitmoji is called and is inhumanly good at darts and basketball ball on game pigeon. He can’t see and is a conversationalist. I force him to stay up all night cause he’s a light weight and 70 and likes to sleep.
by Edwina July 11, 2019
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