Ecocentric = an adjective used to describe a state of mind;
of a person, or a social group, who is, or are:
Committed to Making a Positive Contribution to The Survival of Mankind And The Eco-System Which Supports Us.
Generally Speaking, this includes most Responsible Parents; because they need to Care about the Culture and Environment which their descendants will have; to live in.
At Grass Roots Level: Efficient Recycling of Domestic Waste is the first positive contribution we can make towards protecting our environment.
When we do so we are acting ecocentrically.
Ecocentric Edna eternally endures
the toxic waste pollution made by other peoples cures
for the ills which they think grip the world
or (more probably) just one nation,
the spillages and breakages of the popular libation;
The parties and the dancing, the singing and the fun, and a nine-year-old with a shotgun who would kill to save his Mum from the drunken thug who drove her home, for his, not her, own reason; "For Friends of Mum, We Make Hot-Cross-Buns,
but for Thugs? It's Open Season!
The Randy Fool dies on the floor near the battered woman he'd called Whore, who shreiks, "I Told You Dick, I'm an Ordinary Housewife; I Don't Do Tricks!"
The Nine-Year-Old, Now Traumatised, Sits Ashen-Faced and Glassy-Eyed: "For Friends of Mum, we make Hot-Cross-Buns, But For Thugs ? Its Open Season!"
(by Cyril Squirrel: Spread the Word.)
by Cyril Squirrel April 07, 2007
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