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A shameless and somewhat imposing public display of eco-friendliness that generally breaks social behavioral codes and is innitially considered socially unacceptable.
The act must be shameless, but may also be briefly verbally or non-verbally communicated and blessed (through bow and prayer hands, thumbs up, song, or anything else Pauli Shore would do) to any witnesses of the act.
So just in this afternoon of us hanging out you buried your avacodo peels in with the mall's potted plants; you then used the public restroom and reminded everyone in there by example AND song that "if it's yellow let it mellow if it's brown flush it down!" and then you drew blue chalk circles with the RECYCLE logo on the side walk next to every public trash bin we've passed. What's up with that?!?

THAT, little sheep, is Eco-Sharerism at it's best! Someday everyone will know my wrath...and the "yellow mellow, brown down" song!
by DissentingLemming December 18, 2008
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