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Pronounced: e bow LAID ed

1. Those living and uninfected by ebola, but live as walking tombs of fear, are pro-eugenic, anti-human, and believe the (so called) leaders of the planet are not the terrorist.

2. One who accepts main stream media as truth, and not programing

3. A self enslaved, self-consuming carbon unit.

4. Someone who boarded the zombie apocolyspe and thought it was reality and the way of safety.

5. Someone who is completely pro-eugenic and doesn't know it yet, while blaming opposites of no-sides really exist.

6. A person who gave their human ideals up to be a left, right, blue, or red person, even though there is no logic to think you are not a person.

7. Someone who would eat their young, to feel safe with their fears.

9. A member of the flat earth society.

9. An person who is an excuse for a life-form that eats fear to feel safe; an inhuman with a two dimensional understanding of life, but believe they live in a three dimensional one.

10. A bipedal form of quantum ignorance.
Joe is eboladead. He built a wall around his body and filled it with Fracking waste-water, to protect himself from the getting ebola.

Ed is so eboladead. He weas his "Building 7 Was Bombed by Cave People" T-shirt for good luck.

Any Goodman of 'Democracy Now' is the first person in American journalism to use the word 'Eboladead" on National TV. She was referring to a senior Senator's statement about drinking tracking wastewater; and how it should be used in the process of manufaturing beer in America.
by The I Do Not Know Show October 21, 2014
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