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A town, sorry, 'borough' with a population of roughly 3,000 people.
A place where absolutely nothing exciting happens.
A place that consists of 50 pizza places, 3 Subway restaurants, a large resevoir called "Lake Rowena," sucky borough workers who dig up large chunks of sidewalks (leaving them hazardous for weeks) and who plow the snow right back in your driveway after you spent 3 hours pushing it out, and plenty of bars/liquor shops.
A place where there was especially nothing to do for a few months because of the closing of the local video store, "Video Warehouse."
A place that houses the best chinese buffet place ever, "Pearl House."
A place where one high school isn't enough for the 600 kids who go to school, so there are two.
"We're going to 'have a blast' in Ebensburg!"
by One bored lady... April 25, 2009
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A small town where the angels in the clouds fornicate, behind the shroud of the clouds, fooling around. There are angels, feathers flying and angels sighing; turning white clouds gray.
John: What is Ebensburg
Jermaine: You put a woman in front of a weaving machine and just watch her go.
by Cheerio Love March 02, 2009
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